Vodex (vodex) wrote in gutalk,

Describing the Talk

I wanted to post this in gutalk, but posted it in vodex instead. Oops.

OK, I just added this comment to a post who thought GU was the 'pashmina' satire in the paper:

That is itself a satire of The Talk, which is a resource-rich, humour-injected, but also troll-infested news/media forum.

Which makes me wonder how we can best describe GU?


It had a comment of:

It's difficult. You have to ask yourself if the community is supposed to link GUTalkers, or supposed to be advertising GUTalk. If the former, no need for advertising. If the latter, then the list of interests, plus those who advocate it, should be enough.

I do think that the final description in your 'bio' of it should end in double o "too", though. And I can't even spell!
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